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How do you

like to travel?

Would you rather ride a camel through the desert than walk the crowded streets of Europe?


Would you rather play soccer with the local kids in a remote village than hop from museum to museum?


Are you willing to hike, climb, explore, and get dirty in the process if you have to?


Do you want to go into the homes of locals and eat what they eat, instead of having dinner at a fancy resort?

Yes?! Then great! If not, then stop reading here; Travel Young isn't right for you...


Travel Young was made for the off-the-beaten-path explorer, the outdoor enthusiast, and the hidden-gem discoverer.


We are NOT your classic European monuments and museums tour guide.


We go places nobody else does.

Unlike the big travel companies that bus you and 40 other people around from major attraction to major attraction, we care about experience first.


Those companies are designed to maximize profit by leading big groups through a cookie-cutter experience, but by doing that the only "culture" you experience is a corrupt version designed for tourists, not the real authentic thing.


To us, the traditional "tour" sounds like mayonnaise.

Our trips are designed to take you to

Hidden Gems & Local Hangouts

for Completely unique experience

Our guides are locals who know the land and are trained to take you to the spots where you can't find other tourists.

You'll find yourself learning how to play backgammon from the locals at a hookah bar in Egypt, riding a motorized canoe through the winding rivers of the Amazon in Peru, and exploring hidden slot canyons in Utah.

That means that to get to those hidden spots, we get active, and we explore. Why drive up to Machu Picchu when you can hike there along the Inca Trail? Why go to Banff and only do day hikes to crowded places like Lake Louise? We get down and dirty, and because of that, we go places others don't.

Deforestation and illegal mining in Peru.

Also, part of traveling is about learning, both the good and the bad. When you fly over the Amazon basin of Peru, you'll witness deforestation and illegal mining, where people are poisoning the river with mercury to extract gold.

We're conscious travelers and so we choose to work with partners that contribute to society. In Peru, that means a guide that's helping to preserve the worlds most diverse eco-system. In Uganda, that means a partner who is helping educate his village with a school. The impact that we make traveling gives our adventures purpose--beyond helping ourselves.

We are an organization designed for real, authentic, adventurers. When we started in 2013, we broke all the rules of the travel industry. Our groups are only for 18-30 something’s, our trips average 15 people and max out at 20.


While everyone else thinks camping is the “poor” way to travel, we do it all the time and wouldn’t have it any other way because we save more money and have more fun.


Connections aren't made in a fancy hotel, they’re made around a bonfire in Patagonia, or while building a well together in Africa, or while tracking animals in the Jungle.

Although we would never miss an important icon (we would never go to Peru and skip Machu Picchu) those icons aren't the only reason why we’re here. We’re here because the best memories are made when you get off the beaten path, when you Travel Young.

Our Average Group

70% Women, 30% Men

Avg Age: 26

Group Size: Avg 15, max 22.

Experience: Low to medium


Likes: Nature, locals, food, a good party, adrenaline rush, more than museums, beaches, non-stop drinking, & crowded tourist attractions.

Meet Clark

Clark's a trip director at Travel Young because he loves sharing the beauty of nature, the lessons of foreign culture, and the joy of human connection with other people.


He’s an experienced traveler who has been to more than 30 countries and has guided thousands of travelers. He’s a people person and is great at helping form human connections and build bonds among the group.


Either Clark or someone like Clark will be organizing every adventure you go on along with a second professional travel guide whose full-time job is to guide adventures in that specific region of the world.

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We miss you already...


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