Want to travel to Egypt without getting caught in tourist traps??

Experience Egypt’s Authentic History and Culture Like A Local, Not A Tourist


Sign up for a 9  Day adventure in Egypt with a group of 15 young adults ages 18-39 and experience Egypt through the eyes of the locals.

Trip Highlights

  • Four nights on a 5-Star Nile River cruise stopping at ancient temples.

  • Get on your hands and knees and crawl through the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • Hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings.

  • Camp under the stars in the Sahara Desert.

  • See the ancient treasures, mummies, and artifacts at the brand new Cairo museum.

  • Snorkel or scuba dive in the Red Sea.

This is the experience that I wish I had my first time in Egypt and now you can do it for half the price.

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Hey, I’m Clark Varin, the founder of Travel Young Outdoor Adventures


I want to invite you on the adventure of a lifetime to one of the world’s most spectacular countries.


Where you'll have one of the most exciting and authentic experiences you might ever have in your life…


An experience that will expand your boundaries, test your comfort zone, and plunge you deep into real, authentic culture.


Now, if you’re thinking, “Sounds great, but who is this guy? And what is this company?”

Let me first share with you what we are not...:


  • We are not some huge travel agency that guides massive groups around in a coach bus.

  • We don’t pop around from museum to museum, tell you some facts, let you to take pictures and leave.

  • We certainly are not for people who enjoy the comfort of being sheltered from real culture inside their own bubble of tourists.

  • And we ARE NOT for people who want to spend their trip relaxing in some gated resort that they never have to leave.

If you want to simply hop on a coach bus, stop at highlights, eat a westernized lunch with other tourists, and return to a nice gated resort at the end of the day...


Then that’s fine, but Travel Young is not for you..


Travel Young was made for the off the beaten path adventurers, the outdoor enthusiasts, and the hidden gem explorers.


We are not some boujee monuments and museums travel agency. In fact we might just be the exact opposite.


We’re active, we’re adventurous, and we’re willing to get down and dirty on our hands and knees if that’s what it takes in the pursuit of adventure.

Riding camels on the Giza Plateau.

Fayoum Oasis Safari in Sahara Desert

To us, the traditional tour is mayonnaise.


They're typically led by a big companies that are designed to maximize profits by guiding massive herds of people through a cookie-cutter experience...


Where the only “culture” you’ll experience are the dancers that perform at your resort.


That’s not culture. And that’s no way to travel. So we decided to flip the whole group tour experience on it’s head…

We designed Our Trips to take you to hidden gems and local hangouts where you can’t find other tourists.


Our guides are locals who know the area and are trained to take you to the places you’d never find on your own.


Travel Young trips are fast-paced, active, and adventurous…


So instead of just stopping at the pyramids to take pictures like everyone else, we get on our hands and knees and climb inside them.


Then we’ll meditate in the pharaoh's tomb, cus why not? It’s your trip, you can do what you want.

We can be spontaneous in ways that the average tour can’t...


Because their less adventurous clients would get mad for not “sticking to the plan”.


Our plan is to leave room for spontaneous adventure, and everyone in the group has already agreed to that by signing up with us.

Red Sea boat ride & scuba diving trip.

Because we set this expectation...

we’re able to do active, adventurous, and authentic activities that you’d never be able to do on the average tour, like...:


  • Learning to cook Egyptian food in the home of a local Egyptian family.

  • Experiencing indigenous culture in a native Nubian village.

  • Walking the side streets of Cairo and learning to play backgammon with your guide’s friends.

  • Eating at local restaurants where $1 will get you the best meal of your life.

  • Shopping for souvenirs at the oldest papyrus and perfume shops in Egypt.

  • Partying like a local on a Felucca (Egyptian sailboat) down the Nile River at night.

  • Camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert.

Spontaneously stopping to watch the FIFA World Cup on the streets of Cairo.

Sounds almost too good to be true right?!


Well not that long ago it was too good to be true.


It used to be impossible to travel to Egypt and experience real culture. 


when I traveled to Egypt for the first time, I had a very different experience than what you’re about to have on this trip…


When I arrived in Cairo, my tour guide brought me straight past downtown Cairo into a gated suburban resort that was isolated from any kind of Egyptian culture.


The first thing we did was orientation, which was really a revealing of the hidden fees meeting.


It was Day 1 and I was already standing at the ATM withdrawing more money because my tour guide demanded that I had to pay for things like water and mandatory tipping.


When I tried to leave the resort to explore the city, my guide, the hotel manager, and the restaurant manager all chased me out the door begging me not to leave,


(so that they could charge me overpriced food and drinks).

The type of tour group you don't want to be a part of... trust me.

When we went to the pyramids, our guide walked us straight into another tourist trap.


It turns out that the shop owners pay off travel agencies to take tourists to overpriced souvenir shops…


And when we had lunch we were taken to an isolated tourist-only restaurant serving overpriced westernized food.


I was fuming out of my ears. I felt scammed and I was ready to ditch the group, but felt trapped because I’d be out thousands of dollars if I left now.

A home-cooked meal with Hassan and his family.

But fortunately, right before my trip ended I met up with a friend of a friend named Hassan, who loves hosting visitors.

Hassan's brother serving us ice cream.

Hassan and I had never met before, yet he welcomed me into his house with open arms.


He introduced me to his family, to his sisters and brother.


His mom cooked for us, and his friends taught us how to play backgammon while we smoked hookah in the side streets of Cairo.


It was seriously one of the best nights of my life and a memory that I’ll never forget.

I left Egypt thinking, “What if my whole trip was like that?


What if the entire time it felt like I was being shown around by a friend instead of a greedy tour guide?”.


My experience in Egypt would have been totally different.


That’s when I knew I needed to plan a Travel Young trip here and have Hassan help lead it.


So I decided to open an office, hire an Egyptologist, and make Hassan the trip director. 

Although I will never be able to redo my first time in Egypt, you still have the chance for a good first impression of Egypt.


You now have the choice that I didn't have...


If you want, you can either feel welcomed by someone who feels like a long lost friend, or you can get caught in a series of tourist traps and be treated like a human ATM.


This is your chance to learn from my mistakes and make your first impression of Egypt a good one.

Here's the trip summary


Day 1 - Arrive in Cairo, Egypt at anytime. Explore the city, nightlife, and culture.

Day 2 - Explore Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Step Pyramid, and Ancient Kingdom.

Day 3 - Fly to Aswan, explore Philae Temple, & begin Nile River Cruise.

Day 4 - Explore Abu Simbel and other temples along the Nile.

Day 5 - Explore the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and optional hot air balloon ride.

Day 6 - Explore Luxor and Karnak Temples. Cruise ends. Drive to Hurghada.

Day 7 - Full day adventure in Red Sea. Option to scuba dive.

Day 8 - Drive to Cairo.Cairo Museum, shopping in bazaars, and nightlife as a local.

Day 9 - Fly out at anytime. Option to go camping in the desert.

Day 10 - Return from camping in the desert. Fly out anytime after 4pm.

And this is what it includes

  • Local Egyptologist tour guide.

  • Airport pickup

  • Mix of private and public transportation.

  • Flight from Cairo to Aswan.

  • 4/5 Star Accomodations

  • Welcome mixer and farewell dinner

  • Entrance fees and tours.

  • 17 of 21 meals included.


We don’t have any B.S. hidden fees for stuff like mandatory tips and water. We’re completely transparent with what is not included.


Here’s what you will have to pay for:


  • International flight and tourist visa into and out of Cairo, Egypt (we will help you buy this stuff).

  • Optional excursion (Hot Air Balloon, Scuba Diving, & Desert Camping)

  • Personal spending money (Tips, Souvenirs)


That’s it! 

Ready to make this the best adventure of your life?

(and we will include a coupon code for 50% off)

Why Egypt?


Egypt is one of the most unique countries in the entire world. When you hear the words, “mummies”, “pyramids”, “pharaohs”, “papyrus”, you know exactly what I’m talking about, because Egypt is the only place in the world with this much unique history and culture.


It’s also the best time in history to visit Egypt. They just built a brand new museum and the country is more stable than it has ever been.


Plus several temples will soon be turning away visitors because of too much foot traffic, so if you wait you may not get into several of the archeological sites.


Is it safe?


Right now is one of the most peaceful times ever to visit Egypt.


There is no war, no serious crime, no political strife. The current USA Department of State travel advisory on Egypt is Level 2, ranking it equal in terms of safety as France, Britain, and Spain.


Just like anywhere, there are places that you wouldn’t want to walk alone at night, and you should be on guard for pick-pocketing, but if you are smart and travel safe, you will have no problems.


Do I need a Visa? vaccines?


No vaccines necessary, but if you’re a US Citizen then yes you need a Visa. You purchase it at the airport when you arrive. Bring $25 USD cash for the Visa.


Why am I giving you 200 bucks off??


  1. One of our brand promises is to maximize your adventure per dollar, so we make our trips super affordable.

  2. We cater to 18-39 year olds, an age group that doesn’t have a lot of time and money to travel, so we do our best to keep costs down so that you can keep traveling to more and more places while you’re still young.

  3. We’re willing to give you this trip for zero profit because once you come on your first trip with us, you’ll tell your friends and you’ll sign up for another one of our adventures because you’ll realize that there is no better way to travel.


Sign up while there’s still space!!


This is not some B.S. marketing tactic. It’s a real set maximum capacity.


Our max group size is 22 people and once the trip is full, it’s full. We’re not going to sacrifice our values of guiding small intimate groups because you decided not to act.


Also this trip will not be around forever.


If you’ve been following us, then you know that we rotate where we go. We’re going to Egypt this year, but next year it could be Turkey instead.


Now is the time to be spontaneous!


If you’ve been reserved about traveling or if you’ve been telling yourself excuses for why you can’t, then this is the time to say “F*@% it!”


You're never going to get the chance to explore Egypt like this again, so you might as well go for it and figure out the details later.


If you set your mind to it, you’re going to be able to figure out the time and money and who’s going to watch your cat.


Sometimes in life you just have to take action when an opportunity presents itself, otherwise you’ll wake up realizing that you’ve been delaying your dreams for the last twenty years.


100 percent Risk Free


When you sign up for your trip, you have until 99 days before the trip to cancel and get all your money back. That’s right, you can sign up, lock in the 50% off savings, and then decide later if you really want to go.


Customizable Payment Plans & Travel Hacking Tips


Don’t think you have the money to travel? Most people don’t, yet once we show you how to fly free and make easy monthly payments, you’ll realize that traveling is more attainable than you previously thought.

The trip brochure will show you how.


Here’s what to do next...


First you tell us where to send your Free Egypt Brochure with full details, price, and dates. Then we send you the brochure and you decide if you want to sign up or not.


If you want to sign up, then click the link and follow the instructions.


If you don’t want to sign up, then click “Unsubscribe” and delete the email and you’ll never hear from us again.


It’s that easy…


I can’t wait to show you what we’ve planned...


There is so much in store for you on this trip.


I truly wish that I could go back to Egypt for the first time all over again and relive my first experience.


You’re about to set out on the adventure of a lifetime!! And I’m so happy that I can help make that happen.


And who knows... maybe I'll see you in Egypt!


- Clark Varin

President, Travel Young Outdoor Adventures

Ready to make this the best adventure of your life?

(and we will include a coupon code for 50% off)

P.S. Skimming eh? Let me sum it up for you...


I’m inviting you to experience Egypt unlike anyone else. You’ll hang out with locals, experience true culture, and avoid all the tourist traps.


All you have to do is let us know where to send the Trip Brochure with full details so that you can decide whether or not you want to come…


This brochure includes all the information you need to know about Egypt and this trip before traveling there and we’re going to toss in a 50% off coupon code for you just incase you decide to take us up on the offer.


If you decide not to sign up, that’s totally fine, just delete the email and unsubscribe and you’ll never hear from us again.

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