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At the very southern tip of South America lies a wild, barren, and beautiful region called Patagonia. It’s home to majestic mountains pouring out arctic blue glaciers that have been carving up sheer cliffs, and leaving behind sharp mountain peaks. Patagonia has been nearly untouched by humans for decades because the arctic weather conditions make it unbearable to live in year round. Here you’ll peer at mountains originating at the ocean floor, peeking up straight out of the icy Pacific waters, making you feel like you’re hovering over The Edge of the Earth.


On this epic adventure we’re going to pick you up in Buenos Aires and fly you straight into the heart of Patagonia, to Mt Fitz Roy, where you’ll find the peaks that inspired the Patagonia brand’s logo. You’ll hike up to turquoise blue mystic lakes hoisted in the mountains, and raft through an erie desolate wilderness. We’ll watch the world’s third largest ice sheet calve icebergs into glacial waters below us at Perito Moreno Glacier, then we’ll cross from Argentina into Chile to backpack the famous five day “W” Trek in Torres Del Paine.

Patagonia is not for the faint of heart, it’s a camping adventure with challenging hikes from sea level to mountain pass and it’s so far off the beaten path that most tourists still don’t even know what Patagonia is. Go now, before the rest of the world wakes up to the savage wilderness at The Edge of the Earth.

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Day 1 - Arrive in Buenos Aires & welcome mixer!

Day 2 - Fly to El Calafate; drive to El Chalten.

Day 3 - Hike to Mt. Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares National Park.

Day 4 - Hike to Laguna Torre in Los Galciares National Park.

Day 5 - Whitewater rafting and drive back to El Calafate.

Day 6 - Visit Perito Moreno Glacier & boat ride.

Day 7 - Drive to Puerto Natales, Chile. Explore town.

Day 8 - Begin "W" backpacking trip in Torres Del Paine National Park.

Day 9 - Backpack to Las Torres in Torres Del Paine.

Day 10 - Backpack to Lago Nordenskjold in Torres Del Paine.

Day 11 - Backpack French Valley in Torres Del Paine.

Day 12 - Finish "W" trek at Glaciar Grey; drive to Puerto Natales.

Day 13 - Drive to El Calafate; fly back to Buenos Aires.

Day 14 - Fly out (or extend trip to Iguazu Falls).

Day 15 - Explore the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls.

Day 16 - Explore the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls; fly back to Buenos Aires.

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Day 1- Arrive in Buenos Aires & Welcome Mixer!

When you arrive, you’ll get picked up by your guide who will be waiting for you, wearing a Travel Young t-shirt. Take the day to roam Buenos Aires at your own pace. It’s known as the Paris of South America for its architecture and colorful culture. Just like Paris you’ll find cobblestone streets and outdoor cafes, but you’ll also stumble across parrilla, a mouthwatering outdoor barbeque made with Argentina’s prized beef. Once everyone arrives, we’ll have a Welcome Mixer with drinks and apps so everyone in the group can start to socialize and get to know each other. Flight not included. Need help booking your flight? We can help.


Selina Hotel or similar.

Welcome Mixer included.

Day 2 - Into the Heart of Patagonia

Rise and shine! We’re going to wake up early for flight to El Calafate and then drive to El Chalten along the famous Route 40 surrounded by the rough Patagonian steppe carved out by the turquoise blue glacier water of La Leona River. Our destination today is El Chalten, a charming little village at the foot of Mt Fitz Roy, surrounded by glaciers, lakes, rivers, and forests, which is where we will end our trek. There is a lot to explore in this little pueblo (spanish for small town) so you can either bounce around the shops or if you’re feeling adventurous you can throw on your hiking boots and explore a little on your own.


Rancho Grande Hostel or similar.

Breakfast included.

Day 3 - Hiking Lengas Forest & Mt Fitz Roy

Today we’re going to drive up along the glacial Rio de las Vueltas to the El Pilar trailhead, just 17km north of town and then hike our way back to El Chalten for the rest of the day. The hike begins in the dense Lengas forest surrounded by Antarctic Beech trees and as we continue on we’ll pass by a variety of glaciers (Marconi, Electrico, Cagliero) and bright blue glacial lakes. Halfway through the hike we will reach Lago de Los Tres which is a bright blue lake hoisted high in the mountains and has the best views of the sheer granite cliffs of Mt Fitz Roy. From there it’s downhill back into the petite little town of El Chalten.


Rancho Grande Hostel or similar.

Breakfast and lunch box included.

Day 4 - Panorama Views & Granite Needles

One of the can’t-miss sights of Patagonia is Laguna Torre, which is surrounded by Patagonia’s most massive massive granite needles: Torre Massif, The Adela Range, and Mount Solo and their respective glaciers. Todays hike will take us through a wide range of landscapes from glacially formed valleys to dense forests. We stop at great panoramic spots and visit famous base camps that are used by famous climbers.


Rancho Grande Hostel or similar.

Breakfast and lunch box included.

Day 5 - Whitewater Rafting & El Calafate

Today is split between rafting in El Chalten and free time in El Calafate. Our rafting experience is two hours long and will begin in the town where we’ll go over safety instructions and outfit you with safety gear. We’ll be rafting down Rio de las Vueltas, which is a Class III river with incredible views of mountains on both sides. After rafting we’ll grab lunch in town and you can have some free time to browse around the shops. After lunch, we’ll drive to your hotel in El Calafate and you’ll have the rest of the evening to explore town. We recommend checking out the art district, exploring the markets, and trying some tender Patagonian Lamb with Calafate ice cream.


Calafate Hostel or similar.

Breakfast included.

Day 6 - Perito Moreno Glacier

Today we’re going to Los Glaciares National Park and spending 6 hours at Perito Moreno Glacier. This is the third largest icefield in the world after Antarctica and Greenland and we’re going to see it from above on a walking tour and below on a boat ride. On the boat, you’ll be humbled as you peer up at the 80 meter (262 foot) glacier wall towering above you. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a piece break off, creating a massive thundering sound as it sinks into the lake and creates a massive spray of water and waves.


Calafate Hostel or similar.

Breakfast included.

Day 7 - Your Chilean Journey Begins!

In the morning we’ll make our way to Puerto Natales, Chile, the gateway town to Torres Del Paine National Park. This 5 hour long ride will bring us through flat barren landscapes dramatically situated between rising mountains. When we arrive we’ll drop our stuff off at our hotel and enjoy the town. We recommend a walk along the Magellan Strait where you’ll be able to enjoy the colorful houses on the edge of the Pacific Ocean inlet. There aren’t any shops in Torres Del Paine, so if you need anything before we go, right now is a good time to shop.


Don Guillermo or similar.

Breakfast included.

Day 8 - Torres Del Paine National Park

Today we enter one of the most famous parks in Patagonia to begin The “W”. You didn’t come to Patagonia if you didn’t hike this 5 day trek shaped like a “W” through some of the world’s most dramatic mountain faces. In order to get there, we’ll drive 2.5 hours into the park and hike a short distance to our campsite, located at the base of sheer mountain cliffs, a bright blue glacial lake, and the trail that we’re going to follow into the mountain pass tomorrow.


Las Torres campsite.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Day 9:- The “W” (Las Torres)

Today’s hike begins with a steep incline right up the mountain, but luckily, we’ll be able to leave our packs at camp for this stretch, because we’ll be staying put at our same camp tonight. Halfway up a challenging ascent, the trail will dip down opening up an incredible view of our trail winding the side of a mountain. You’ll cross bridges over bright blue rivers through a wooded pass until you appear at a rugged terrain covered by boulders. At the top of this steep ascent, you’ll find a bright blue lake with three towers from behind it. These are the towers “torres” that give the park its name.


Las Torres campsite.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Day 10 - The “W” (Lago Nordenskjold)

One of the icons of the park is a massive bright blue lake that most of the glaciers feed into. We’re going to hike along this lake with steep mountains to our right and expansive open blue water to our left. The trees will hide some of the scenery from us ahead, which makes it that much more dramatic when the peaks surrounding the French Valley reveal themselves as we arrive at our next camp.


Los Cuernos campsite.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Day 11 - The “W” (French Valley)

Perhaps the most impressive view of the entire park is the tip of the middle leg in the “W”. This point is known as Mirador Britannico, which is surrounded by 300 degrees of unbelievable mountain peaks and 60 degrees of valley opening up to Lago Nordenskjold. This view will be one of the most jaw dropping scenic views of your entire life and odds are you won’t want to leave, but don’t worry there is even more to see.


Paine Grande campsite.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Day 12 - The “W” (Glaciar Grey Puerto Natales

On our last day in Torres Del Paine, we’ll hike along our final glacial lake, Lago Grey, which is an iceberg lake that opens up to the mouth of a Glacier Grey. Here, you’ll have a beautiful overlooking view of just how expansive the ice sheets are that make up the Patagonia ice field. To get out of the park, we’ll take a catamaran ride over the beautiful blue water and you’ll get one last picture of the French Valley in the background as our boat takes off. After an incredible 5 day trek, we’re finally headed back to Puerto Natales.


Don Guillermo or similar.

Lunch and snack included.

Day 13 - Puerto Natales To Buenos Aires

We’ve finally made it through Patagonia’s must-see highlights, now we’re going to catch a bus back to El Calafate and a plane back to Buenos Aires. It’s our last night together, so we’ll go out for one last going away dinner.


Selina Hotel or similar.

Breakfast and Farewell Dinner included.

Day 14 - Depart from Buenos Aires

Book your flight to leave anytime today (or ask us for help). When it’s time to go, we’ll drop you off at the airport and make sure you get home safely. But this isn’t goodbye because you can always get the gang back together for another trip soon!


Breakfast included.

Day 14 - Optional Excursion - Iguazu Falls

If you’d rather stay for a few extra days, you can add on one of the natural wonders of the world onto your list! To visit this Amazonian waterfall, you’ll have to fly to the northern tip of Argentina. We’ll pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel. Domestic flight not included (~$50-100). Then when you arrive you can begin to explore the falls at the border between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.


Merit Hotel Iguazu or similar.

Breakfast included.

Day 15 - Optional Excursion - Argentine Side of Iguazu Falls

The falls are surrounded by a humid subtropical forest with exuberant vegetation that’s home to many different animals and birds such as toucans, parrots, and manakins. We’ll be able to explore the falls up close and personal by weaving through two walkways the upper and lower paths that make us feel like we’ve crawled inside the falls themselves. We’ll also take an ecological train to “The Devils Throat”, the largest of the falls that for many is the most spellbinding. You may also opt to join in on other excursions offered at the visitor center such as a boat trip to the base of the falls where you’ll get to experience the true force of the falls at the water level (not included).


Merit Hotel Iguazu or similar.

Breakfast included.

Day 16 - Optional Excursion - Brazilian Side of Iguazu Falls

After breakfast we’ll go to the Brazilian side of the falls (don’t forget your passport!). While 80% of the falls is on the Argentine side, Brazil has the best panoramic view. On the Argentine side, you had the feeling of being right inside the falls, but now you’ll be able to better appreciate the immense size of the falls. After a half day on this side of the falls, we’ll return back to the airport to depart for Buenos Aires.


Accommodations in Buenos Aires not included.

Breakfast included


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Dates & Price

We include everything you need in order to make this a hassle-free experience while giving you the opportunity to customize this trip and make it your own!

Trip Includes

  • Multilingual tour director and local guides! ($1,200 value)

  • Mix of private and public transportation! ($500 value)

  • Camping and accommodations as described. ($900 value)

  • Welcome mixer & farewell dinner! ($80 value)

  • Meals as described above. ($450 value)

  • Tours described in itinerary. ($2,200 value)

Total Value = $5,530

Not Included

  • International and domestic flights.

  • Park entrance fees.

  • Personal Spending

  • Tips


Optional Upgrades:​

  • My own room ($350).

  • Iguazu Falls ($350).


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