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Peru is home to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, Manu National Park, the most biodiverse place on earth, and the Incas, one of the most colorful cultures on the planet. Visitors from all over flock to see the many highlights of Peru, but in classic Travel Young style, we’re going to take you on an adventure to places that very few others go, into the deep, deep Amazon...

To start this adventure off we’re going to earn our entrance into Machu Picchu by hiking the ancient Inca Trail. Then we’ll ascend the painted rocks of Rainbow Mountain and later that day walk the colorful and mountainous streets of Cusco. Up next, we’ll be heading out on an expedition into the deep, deep, Amazon where you’ll see villages cut off from society and exotic animals living in a world untouched by humans. To get there we’re going to canoe through the winding rivers of the Amazon basin.

In the Amazon, we’ll go on canoeing and walking safaris, watching for rare creatures and species found only in this hidden corner of the world. Out here we’ll stay in eco-friendly bungalows sitting on a cliff above the water with astounding views of the piranha, anaconda, and caiman crocodile infested waters.


Now, for the first time ever, when you sign-up for a trip to Peru, a portion of your fee goes towards protecting the most biodiverse place on earth from the threat of deforestation and illegal mining that is poisoning the Amazon River Basin with toxic mercury.


Go now, help us protect the planet, and experience Peru like few others do!

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Day 1 - Arrive in Lima, Peru. Welcome Mixer with Drinks

Day 2 - Experience Incan Culture in Cusco City

Day 3 - Hike the Ancient Inca Trails.

Day 4 - Arrive at Machu Picchu (7 Wonders of the World)

Day 5 - Climb up the Picturesque Rainbow Mountain.

Day 6 - Dive into the Deep Amazon Rainforest.

Day 7 - Enjoy the Amazonian Safaris at Lago Sandoval.

Day 8 - Backpacking & Cannoeing Back to Lima City.

Day 9 - Return home (or extend your trip, explore the city).

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Day 1- Arrive in Lima, Peru

When you arrive, you’ll get picked up by your guide who will be waiting for you, wearing a Travel Young t-shirt. Once everyone arrives, we’ll have a Welcome Mixer with drinks and apps so everyone in the group can start to socialize and get to know each other at the start of the trip. Flight not included. Need help booking your flight? We can help.


Selina Hostel or similar.

Welcome Mixer included.

Day 2 - Experience Incan Culture in Cusco

Today we’re going to catch a flight straight into the Andes mountain town of Cusco. Don’t worry, you’ll get time to explore Lima later, but first we need to get you acclimated to the elevation before our Inca Trail hike. That means that you’ll have a free day to explore the colorful streets of Cusco, taste the street food, buy some alpaca wool clothes, visit the colonial buildings, and watch parades of people dancing in the street.


Cusco Plaza Armas or similar.

Breakfast included.

Day 3 -  Hike the Inca Trail

This trail was once an ancient Incan road, now it’s one of the world’s most famous treks. Climb up and down Andean mountain passes, over meandering streams, and past ancient Incan architecture. You’ll go from mountain tops with views of snow capped mountain peaks to valleys of cloud forests, encroaching upon ancient Incan ruins. This hike is not for the faint of heart. At its peak the elevation will reach 3,700m (12,136 ft), a challenging altitude even for experienced hikers. 


Camping on Inca Trail

Breakfast, lunch, dinner included.

Day 4 - Arrive at Machu Picchu

On the final day of our hike, we’re going to hit the trail before the crack of dawn so that we can reach the Sun Gate pass before sunrise. We’ll watch as the sun creeps up behind the mountains illuminating your first few glimpses of Machu Picchu, an ancient civilization made entirely of rocks carried from river valley to mountain top. This is truly one of the most awing and inspiring works of humankind, rightfully earning its title as one of the seven wonders of the world. After a tour explaining the history and buildings, you’ll have freetime to roam the steps and buildings, or perhaps play with one of the many llamas that enjoy hanging out among people.


Cusco Plaza Armas or similar.

Breakfast and lunch included.

Day 5 - Climb Up Rainbow Mountain

For those of you who want to pack as much into their time in Peru as possible, Travel Young is right for you, because as soon as we’re done hiking the Inca Trail, we’re leaving on a second, perhaps even harder expedition: hiking Rainbow Mountain. If you’ve ever seen pictures of the green, red, and purple mountains before, you’ve probably thought that it must be photoshopped, but no they’re real, and no that’s not paint, it’s all natural. This hike is very strenuous, but you signed up for a trip with Travel Young, what did you expect? That’s the way we do things around here. 


Cusco Plaza Armas or similar.

Breakfast and lunch included.

Day 6:- Dive Into the Deep, Deep Amazon

So far on our trip you’ve seen a lot of other tourists. Even the Inca trail attracts thousands of people every year, but out in the Amazon, you’re going to see a lot fewer people. Most people don’t have the courage to hop on a plane to Puerto Maldonado, board a motorized canoe, and make their way down the meandering rivers of the Amazon Basin only to sleep in a bungalow completely surrounded by dense rainforest filled with some of the most deadly creatures on earth. But you? Yeah we know you’re down. That’s why you’re still reading this.


Lake Sandoval Lodge.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Day 7 - Amazonian Safaris At Lago Sandoval

Part of your trip fee goes towards protecting this very land that you’ll be staying in for two days and two nights. The view from your lodge is of Lago Sandoval, a lake that is home to a family of otters, who may be cute, but they’re actually one of the Amazons top predators. You may also find some local villagers courageously fishing for piranhas in the lake from their canoe, and at night, your guides flashlight will light up dozens of glowing yellow eyeballs that belong to caiman, a species of crocodile found just about everywhere in the Amazon. In addition to exploring the lake on several canoeing safaris, you’ll explore the rainforest on nature walk safaris as well, where your guide will point out tarantulas, and other massive spiders or perhaps offer you the chance to try some local delicacies such as brazil nuts, termites, and larva--which surprisingly taste better than you’d imagine.


Lake Sandoval Lodge.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Day 8 - Back to Lima

You may be heading home, but the adventure isn’t over yet. First, we’ve got to get you out of the rainforest, which means some hiking and canoeing, then a flight back to Lima. Most of today will be spent traveling, but upon arriving in Lima, you’ll have the night to yourself. Enjoy as you please. Either relax or experience Peruvian nightlife in the Miraflores district where the clubs are bumping to reggae, latin, and electronic music fused together and the bars are stocked with cocktails and late night ceviche appetizers.


Selina Hostel or similar.

Breakfast and Farewell dinner included.


1.Double the fun!

Many of our trips line up back to back. Give us a call and we’ll help you add on another adventure (and help you save a bunch of money)!


2. Go ahead or stay behind!

Extending your trip is easy. If you want to fly in early or leave late, you can, but you’ll be responsible for any transportation, hotels, and other logistics outside of the tour.

Dates & price

We include everything you need in order to make this a hassle-free experience while giving you the opportunity to customize this trip and make it your own!

Trip Includes

  • Multilingual tour director and local guides! ($900 value)

  • Mix of private and public transportation. ($700 value)

  • 8 Nights at hostels & eco-friendly lodges! ($1,000 value)

  • Welcome mixer & farewell dinner! ($80 value)

  • Meals as described above. ($500 value)

  • All tours as described above. ($1,800 value)

Total Value = $4,890

Not IncludeD

  • International Flight &  Visa

  • Optional Excursions

  • Personal Spending (Alcohol, souvenirs)

  • Tips (Optional, but appreciated)


Optional Upgrades

  • My own room. (Price to be determined)

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