Things to know before you go... 

Is Uganda safe?
Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa. The US Travel Advisory rates Uganda's
safety at Level 2, equal to that of England, France, and Spain. Just use common sense and you'll be fine.


Do I need a Visa?
Yes, if you're a US Citizen you can buy it at the airport when you arrive. Just bring $50
USD cash. If you're not a US Citizen or you want to buy it in advance visit for an e-visa.


You will need vaccinations.
You can't get into the country without proof that you have the yellow fever vaccination.
You should also be vaccinated for DTP, Hepatitis, and Typhoid. Consult with your doctor about what vaccines you need.. You should also bring pills to prevent malaria.


What's the currency and how do I exchange money?
They use the Ugandan Shilling (UGX). The exchange rate is around 3,700 UGX per USD. You can bring USD or a debit card with you and you can exchange money at a bank or pull money out at an ATM.


Will I be able to use my phone?
Every hotel we stay at will have wifi. The van is also enabled with wifi. But if you want a
SIM card, you can purchase it at the airport. Overall wifi and even SIM cards don't provide reliable internet.


Electrical Adapters
They use Type G plugs in Uganda, which is the same as the UK. Buy adapters in advance.

What languages do they speak?
The national language is English, but in Uganda there are 56 tribes each with their own culture and dialect of Ugandan.


Travel Insurance
We recommend travel insurance to protect yourself and your belonging on this trip. An affordable and friendly provider is


What's the weather like? And when's the best time to go?
Uganda has no peak travel season because it's sunny and on the equator. Most of the time it's 65-80F (18-27C), but in the mountains it can get down to 55F (12C) at night. There is a wet and a dry season but it's almost negligible because the rainfalls last only a few minutes a day.


What is the tipping culture like?
Tipping is normal in Uganda. If you tip you'll get a lot of smiles. :)

Are people friendly in Uganda?
Ugandans are some of the happiest and friendliest people on the planet. They will smile at you all the time and will genuinely want to get to know you.


Mzungu means "white person" and it's not offensive.
Kids may look and point at you and say Mzungu. They don't see many white people around, so you're exotic to them.


What do Ugandans eat?
The diet varies among income class and region. A few Ugandan foods are Rolex, which is like an omelette, goat stew, posho, which is like mashed potatoes made of vegetables, beans, and lots of rice. Uganda is considered the "America of Africa"; it's a melting pot of cultures and you'll find a lot of Chinese, Indian, America, and Middle Eastern foods as well.

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