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In 1907 when Winston Churchill arrived in Uganda, he called it the “Pearl of Africa”. Lonely Planet calls it, “undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries on the continent. When you hear “Uganda”, think savannah safaris, chimpanzee tracking through the jungle, hiking up dense mountain forest to see wild gorillas, and whitewater rafting down the Nile River.


Uganda is one of Africa’s best kept secrets. Unlike Tanzania and Kenya, it’s not packed with tourists, you’re not waiting in line to see animals, yet the safaris are by far the most diverse in the world. Now, when you travel to Uganda, 8% of your trip fee goes towards education for impoverished and orphan children, which has helped us turn a wild jungle into a thriving elementary and high school campus in just two short years.


Go now, before the rest of the world wakes up to the Pearl of Africa!

top Highlights



Day 1 - Arrive in Entebbe International Airport & Welcome Mixer.

Day 2 - Begin your volunteer project at the school!

Day 3 - Volunteer, Teach, and Play a remote school.

Day 4 - Class V Whitewater Rafting On The Nile River

Day 5 - Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Day 6 - Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Day 7 - Chimpanzee Tracking & Climbing Lion Safari

Day 8 - Tracking Mountain Gorillas & Exploring Lake Bunyonyi

Day 9 - Walking Safari With Zebras & Farewell Party

Day 10 - Fly home & Goodbyes

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Day 1- Arrive in Entebbe International Airport & Welcome Mixer!

When you arrive, you’ll get picked up by your guide who will be waiting for you, wearing a Travel Young t-shirt. Once everyone arrives, we’ll have a Welcome Mixer with drinks and apps so everyone in the group can start to socialize and get to know each other. Flight not included. Need help booking your flight? We can help.


Accommodations: Peniel Beach Hotel or similar.

Dinner included.

Day 2 - Begin your volunteer project at the school!

Before we depart on our adventure, we’re going to collaborate in a private Facebook Group to run a GoFundMe campaign as a group to try to raise money for a volunteer project at the school, Omuto Uganda. Depending on how much money we raise, we can support them with a variety of donations and projects, such as delivering laptops, soccer shoes, books, or by building a well, classroom, soccer field, computer lab, or even a library. Today we’ll deliver our gifts, meet the kids, and begin our project.


Accommodations: Eden Rock Resorts or similar.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner included.

Day 3 - Volunteer, Teach, and Play at Omuto Uganda

On your second day of volunteering, you’ll wake up at a hotel overlooking the Nile river with a traditional Ugandan breakfast. Then we’re going to head back to the school where you’ll get the chance to engage with the kids in a variety of ways. Play soccer, learn the rules of netball, learn to play the drums, watch a dance performance, continue your volunteer project, or even teach a class about what life is like back home. Then end the night hanging around the hotel pool.


Accommodations: Eden Rock Resorts or similar.

Breakfast & lunch included.

Day 4 - Optional Excursion - Whitewater Rafting On The Nile River

If you want, you can participate in what is known as by far the best whitewater rafting on the entire African continent. Get ready for a wild ride though, these rapids are Class V (5), the highest level you can ride without additional training. If that freaks you out and you’d rather spend another day at the school, then I don’t blame you; spending time with and learning about the lives of the locals is an equally life-changing and memorable experience.


Accommodations: Eden Rock Resorts or similar.

Breakfast & lunch included.

Day 5 - Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Today we’re going to be driving all the way to the most western part of the country. We’re going to pass through Kampala, the capital, where you will witness the hustle and bustle of city life. People will walk right up to the van as we’re stopped at lights and sell you sugarcane, passion fruit, and entire pineapples delivered right to your window. We’ll also stop as “snack stops”, which is the fastest fast food you’re ever going to get. At snack stops, we pull up to a market and people run up to us with freshly cooked chicken and steak on a stick, plus other fresh fruits and cold drinks. At night we’ll arrive in Queen Elizabeth National Park, where we’ll have a nice candlelit dinner to the sound of hippos and elephants splashing in the lakes below our camp.


Accommodations: Simba Safari Camp or similar.

Breakfast and dinner included.

Day 6 - Safaris by Land and Water 

You’ve wanted to do an African safari ever since you saw Lion King as a kid and now is your chance! After an early breakfast, we’re going to set out in our safari vehicle for an early morning game drive through the savannah grasslands. You’ll find Pumbas, and Timones, and maybe even some Simbas, along with their other Lion King friends: antelopes, hippos, elephants, and more. Around midday we’ll set out on a second safari by water where you’re sure to find lots of elephants, crocodiles, hippos, exotic birds, and water buffalo and juuuuuuust in case you didn’t get your full fix, we’ll do another night game drive, because lions are the most active at night.


Accommodations: Simba Safari Camp or similar.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Day 7 - Chimpanzees & Climbing Lions

Chimpanzees are the closest creatures in the animal kingdom to humans. We share 98.8% of our DNA with them and today you’re going to see just how human they are up close and personal. As we enter Kalinzu Forest we’ll follow the sound of chimpanzees screams and hollers through the trees, watching them eat and playfully fight among the branches overhead, then we’ll walk among them in the forests as they come down from the trees to rest. Last but not least, to end your time in Queen Elizabeth National Park, we’re going to give you your full Lion King fix in Ishasha, where 50 climbing lions will be lazily sprawled out, sleeping on branches of fig and acacia trees, a sight you can only find in Uganda. This afternoon we’ll drive to Bwindi, a mountain town surrounded by gorilla territory.


Accommodations: Broadbill Forest Camp or similar.

Breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner included.

Day 8 - World’s Only Mountain Gorillas & Lake Bunyonyi

Gorillas are one of the most endangered species in the world and they can only be found in this corner of the world, but thanks to visitors like you whose park fees go towards protecting them from poachers, their population is starting to grow again and today we’re going to see them up close and personal. Our morning is going to begin with a deep jungle hike, hacking through untouched, wild, mountainous terrain with a machete and sickle. Unlike chimps, gorillas are quiet and hard to find, but thanks to park rangers who find them in advance, we’ll know exactly where they are. Gorillas are called “Gentle Giants”, because although they are massive, they’re calm herbivores that don’t want to hurt you. After a once in a lifetime encounter with wild gorillas, we’ll bring you to Lake Bunyonyi, where you can enjoy a free day to choose among several optional activities including zip-lining, kayaking, a boat ride, and more.


Accommodations: Bunyonyi Overland Resort or similar.

Breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner included.

Day 9 - Walking Among Herds of Zebras & Farewell Party

Today is the last safari of our trip, a walking safari in Lake Mburo National Park, where we’ll walk among hundreds of wild zebras. By now you’re probably starting to feel fully satisfied with the incredibly diverse number of safaris that you’ve done. Tonight is our last night together, so we’re going to head back to Entebbe for one final grand finale night out on the town with live music a bar full of locals, and a whole lot of fun!


Accommodations: Paniel Beach or similar.

Breakfast and dinner included.

Day 10 - Fly home & Goodbyes

Book your flight to leave anytime today (or ask us for help). With whatever time you have left, we’ll spend it at the beach on Lake Victoria, eating fresh Ugandan-style fish and chips, perhaps a beer, maybe a dance party, definitely some music. Who knows… maybe things get a little crazy? Then when it’s time to go, we’ll drop you off at the airport and make sure you get home safely. But this isn’t goodbye because you can always get the gang back together for another trip soon!


Breakfast included.


Dates & price

We include everything you need in order to make this a hassle-free experience while giving you the opportunity to customize this trip and make it your own!

Trip Includes

  • Multilingual tour director and local guides!

  • Private, wifi enabled, transportation!

  • 9 Nights at hostels & luxury camping!

  • Welcome mixer & farewell dinner!

  • Meals as described above.

  • All national park entrance fees.

  • Two game drive safaris, a boat safari, chimpanzee tracking, gorilla tracking, climbing lions safari, and walking safari among zebras.

Not IncludeD

  • Optional Excursions

  • International Flight &  Visa

  • Personal Spending (Alcohol, souvenirs)

  • Tips (Optional, but appreciated)


Optional Upgrades:

  • Whitewater Rafting the Nile River - Price: $200

  • My Own Room - Price: $350

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